Percussion and dance workshop in Burkina Faso
with Sidiki Camara
and dance teachers from The National Ballet of Mali and Burkina-Faso
7 Jan - 26 Jan 2013
Drum classes are taught by Sidiki Camara:
Considered as one of the main musicians of the traditional and modern Malian music. More than 20 years of experience in teaching, recording and
performance with the greatest African artists such as: The National Ballet of Mali, Toumani Diabate, Mamady Keita, Rokia Traore,
also international like Bill Frisell…
By his musicality and pedagogy he is one of the best teachers and representers of the Manding.
accompanied by Kalifa Kone, young “prodige” issued from the National Melodic Ensemble of Mali and the Teachers from the National Ballet of Mali:
The reference in tradition,experienced in knowledge, performance and pedagogy, they will develop your talent to its highest level.
The meals:
Authentic African cooking based on rice and sauce, with salads and fruits as starters and desserts.
For your pleasure and cultural experience, we organize some drumming and melodic shows given by local ballets and groups.
Because of the political situation in Mali, the Workshop will take place in
Ouagadougou / Burkina Faso.
2 levels for the drum classes:
beginner/intermediate (2,5 h every day)
advanced (3 h every day)
1 level for the dance class (4h every day)
Saturday and sunday no classes are given, free time to your disposal.
Classes will be dedicated to the chosen discipline (drum or dance).
The hours of the classes will be sceduled, with everybody’s agreement
and might move because of local festivities or sudden events, or climate difficulties.
The vaccination book is required to enter the country.
Obligation: Yellow fever / Recommended: Tetanus, Hepatitis B,
Treatment against Malaria
Hot and dry, temperature +/- 28
Passport with tourist visa required:
Please get a visa in advance from the embassy of Burkina Faso.
We will assist you in the process to get your visa
2 weeks program: 800 Euro
3 weeks program: 900 Euro
Price of workshop includes the classes, the accommodation, 3 meals a day.
You pay for the workshop when you arrive in Bamako.
Currency in Burkina:
1 Euro = 656 Francs CFA
Communication outside the country:
You will find telephone centers and Internet Cafes in Ouagadougou.
  Information: TAM-TAM: 03-751 19 51 / pierre: 0524 68 44 61 / Danny: 0528 08 88 98